RASR™ is ideal for online ordering.  It takes Siri a step further in that RASR™ enables customers to generate valid complete orders via voice on their mobile devices. Users speak, for example, an order based on a catalogue of items, in their natural language and can populate a cart in a mobile transaction. RedShift customizes the language model specific to the language of your company’s topics for state of the art accuracy and to map items in your POS to spoken words.

Use the RASR™ API to add a more natural interaction to your mobile apps, and even your desktop web apps. Just point RASR™ to your POS and our AI will enable you to turn the spoken word into a data structure containing items that can be validated for completeness and associated with pricing.

  • Integration with POS industry leaders
  • Order language modeling containing POS content to associate unique items and modifiers
  • Cloud hosted speech recognition system with natural language processing
  • API to make it easy to add voice interfaces to mobile commerce apps