Increase Profits From Your Target Market

Problem: Conducting commerce on mobile devices is challenging and if users don't received results quickly they will abandon the sessions.  eWeek an MEF Mobile Money Report estimate that mobile transaction abandonment rates exceed 56%.  Junio reports that retailers and financial institutions lost our on $24 billion in revenue due to poor mobile experiences for customers.  Harris Interactive ranks the top reasons are uncertainty of purchase (45%), difficulty navigating (31%), difficulty typing (28%) and complicated payment processes (22%). 

As speech recognition accuracy goes from say 95% to 99%, all of us will go from barely using it today to using it all the time. Most people underestimate the difference between 95% and 99% accuracy - 99% is a game change...

No one wants to wait 10 seconds for a response. Accuracy, followed by latency, are two key metrics for a production speech system...
— Andrew NG, Chief Scientist, Baidu

Solution: RedShift's natural voice ordering interface increases online ordering effectiveness, allowing transactions to be completed in less than 1 minute.  Our streamlined user experience and proprietary mobile apps interface reduces mobile transaction abandonment rates, increasing revenues and profits for our target customers. 

A recent study shows voice is 3X faster than typing so apps with voice drive greater customer engagement and at the same time provide customer insights. Voice is the fastest and most efficient search method when all users have to do is naturally speak their order. Furthermore, the Red Shift platform uses machine learning techniques and artificial intelligence to increase accuracy and performance.