Conversational Interfaces for Mobile Commerce


RedShift is a leader in developing intelligent conversational interfaces, specifically designed for mobile applications. RedShift technology enables mobile app users to perform transactions via naturally spoken language.  Using our platform, app developers can deliver a unique UX that features clean, easy, and safe to use 'hands-free eyes-free' user experiences to their customers.


RedShift was created to develop and commercialize a revolutionary line of voice recognition products. Our focus is to voice-enable applications and enhance mobile commerce.  We accomplish this by using RASR™, the RedShift Automatic Speech Recognizer, a hosted platform that consumes content, in real-time, provides a service that converts naturally spoken language to structured, actionable data.

RedShift is primarily focused on developing its ASR solutions for mobile food ordering applications for fast casual restaurants.  RedShift technology enables your customers to speak actionable commands over an app on their smartphone. An app designed with RASR™ completes mobile transactions by uniquely featuring a very accurate, speech recognition service.

Our mission is to make it possible for companies to create conversational user interfaces for mobile applications.  Conversational AI is the newest means for companies to engage their customers and allow them to naturally speak to their mobile devices.  Our focus is to help drive user engagement and revenue for restaurants who take advantage of online ordering and the order ahead and skip the line concept.