Conversational Ordering
for Restaurants

Conversational mobile ordering for
any restaurant, anytime.

Take the ‘At the Counter’ Ordering
Experience Into the Mobile World

Your customers see the ease of use and the ability to skip the line, combined with the convenience and safety of not having to take their hands off the steering wheel or out of the sink of dishes while placing their order.

RSVT’s accuracy and precision allows the entire process to take less than a minute from beginning to end, so it might be the easiest part of their day.

Increase Operational Efficiency

You get another channel to generate and renew customer loyalty and increase your operational efficiency. RSVT is ideal for quick-service, fast-casual, and drive-thru restaurants, particularly when investment in additional on square footage and customer-facing employees isn’t in the budget.

Shortened wait times and streamlined ordering and payment can reduce errors and increase throughput, particularly during high volume times.