Conversational Mobile Ordering for
Any Restaurant, Any Time

Our natural language understanding platform
lets customers place orders remotely simply by speaking.

Take the ‘At the Counter’
Ordering Experience
Into the Mobile World

RedShift Voice Technology (RSVT) is a device agnostic, natural language understanding platform that lets your customers place orders remotely simply by speaking.

Our platform takes the ‘at the counter’ experience of placing a food or drink order and translates it into the mobile world, allowing for conversational order-ahead ease that benefits both businesses and consumers.

How It Works

Our service will be customized for you and integrated into your app and smart speaker design. iOS, Amazon Echo, and Google Home are all supported. Once you’re set up…

Your customers will place orders through any mobile or home speaker device. They’ll be able to reorder favorites or try something brand new simply by requesting it as they would during a person-to-person interaction. They’ll find out when their order will be ready, and head to your location.

The POS system you’re already using will let your employees know that a customer will be in soon, and exactly what that customer is looking forward to picking up.

Benefits You Gain

Customers see the ease of use and the ability to skip the line, combined with the convenience and safety of not having to take their hands off the steering wheel or out of the sink of dishes while placing their order.

RSVT’s accuracy and precision allow the entire process to take less than a minute from beginning to end, so it might be the easiest part of their day.

You get another channel to generate and renew customer loyalty and increase your operational efficiency. RSVT is ideal for quick- service, fast-casual, and drive-thru restaurants.

Particularly when investment in additional square footage and customer-facing employees aren’t in the budget. Shortened wait times and streamlined ordering and payment can reduce errors and increase throughput, particularly during high volume times.

Advantages Of Voice

Drive Thru Restaurants

RSVT streamlines the ordering and payment processes, particularly during peak times, resulting in more customers served and a more satisfying customer experience.

Order-Ahead From Home

Consumers with their hands full are already asking smart speakers for everything from a new song to an update on the time of a flight. Those same consumers can now speak to those devices rather than interacting with a touchscreen for a hands-free, hassle-free way to order their meals and drinks – engaging with a restaurant brand without interrupting other at-home activities.

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

QSRs are looking to expand business without the need to expand the dining capacity of the restaurant. With RSVT’s conversational order-ahead interface, customers can place their orders in advance, eliminating congestion.

Hands-Free In The Car

Iced coffee waiting at the drive-thru during a morning commute, pad thai ready for pickup on the way home from yoga, pizza waiting at the door after a parent-teacher conference? Safety is as important as convenience for customers who need a hands-free app while driving. Users can speak to the voice interface to place their food order for either pick-up or delivery for a more convenient and safer choice than dialing or navigating the screens of an app.

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