Conversational Ordering Technology

Our natural language understanding platform lets customers place orders remotely using their Amazon Alexa device by simply speaking.

Give Customers “at the Counter” Ordering Experience at Home 

Our platform takes the ‘at the counter’ experience of placing a food or drink order – into a customers home. Conversational order-ahead ease benefits both businesses and consumers.

Fast & Easy

Lets customers order simply by speaking their order naturally.

Menu integration

Learns your existing menu making ordering seamless.

How Does Conversational Voice Ordering Work with Alexa?

Customers will place orders through their Amazon Alexa smart speaker device. They’ll be able to reorder favorites or try something brand new simply by speaking as they would during a person-to-person interaction.

POS Integration

Orders are automatically entered into your POS system to minimize employee training.

Order Customization

Customers can change and choose options just like they would if ordering in-store.

Benefits of Conversational Ordering

Customers see the ease of use and the ability to skip the line – while you get another channel to generate customer loyalty and increase your operational efficiency

Ease of use

Customers speak orders naturally as they would in-store.

Order speed

Customers can skip the line by ordering ahead.

customer loyalty

Build customer loyalty by tracking and rewarding clients. 

order accuracy

Improve customer service with increased order accuracy.

unique marketing

Separate yourself from the competition with voice.

Operational efficiency

The entire order process is completed in less than a minute.

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