Order-ahead for Joe Cristiano’s Pizza

Add the Joe Cristiano’s Pizza skill to your Alexa device and order your food hands-free on your way out the door!

Learn how easy voice ordering with Amazon Alexa can be…


Here’s How It Works

Conversational ordering with RedShift is simple.



Start the Joe Cristiano's skill

  • “Alexa, Open Joe Cristiano’s Pizza”

Set your favorite location

  • “What are your locations?”
  • “Hyde Park”

Need Help? Try some of these

  • “What’s in my cart?”
  • “What kind of salads do you have”
  • “What do you have”
  • “Do you have any sides?”

Order something

  • “I’ll take a large pie.”
  • “Pepperoni pizza.”
  • “Give me a grilled chicken salad with blue cheese dressing.”

    Menu Categories

– Pizzas
– Salads
– Wings
– Subs and Wraps
– Pastas and Dinners
– Drinks
– Sides
– Desserts
– Kids

    Ready to Pay?

    • “I’d like to pick it up in 25 minutes.”
    • “Go to checkout.”
    • “Pay.”

    Ready for Pickup!

    Your AmazonPay payment method has been charged, and your order is being prepared

    Head to your selected JC’s location for pickup


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