RSVT Real-Time Voice Ordering Platform

Real-time speech recognition vocabulary and language models customized to your menu.

Results with RedShift

RedShift Voice-as-a-Service platform lets you include intelligent conversational interfaces for mobile apps and connected devices in your suite of product offerings.

Our voice-enabled, natural language understanding platform will offer the option for a restaurant’s customers to place online orders through iOS, Amazon Echo and Google Home conversationally and hands-free.

The RedShift platform converts audio to text and presents the information as an order all in real time back to the customer.

Take advantage of our speech recognition vocabulary and language models. They’re customized to each brand’s specific menu items by understanding typical ordering language and unique items.

Advantages of our Voice Technology Platform

Give customers the advantage of an “at the counter” experience from anywhere they have a smart speaker or mobile phone.



The RSVT natural language voice ordering process is attractive because it’s as easy to use as speaking to counter staff but is completed from wherever they happen to be and in under a minute.


Capitalize on voice technology to increase online ordering effectiveness, enhance the user experience, and increase operational efficiency.


Customers anywhere can place orders hands-free using their Amazon Alexa device or mobile phone just as if they were at the counter.

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