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Frequently Asked Questions

How do my customers find and install the Alexa skill?

Customers will need to search for and enable skills from the Alexa Skills store on the Amazon website ( or in the Alexa app. Once you have found the correct skill, click on “Enable” and the skill can now be accessed from all of your available Alexa devices.

Will customers need an Amazon account?

Yes, go to and at the top of the page click on the link, “New Customer Start Here”. You will need to provide an email address, user name, password and credit card information.

How do my customers use the skill?

Customer says, “Alexa open (Skill name). Alexa will say “Hello name what would you like today”. Customer speaks their order or asks what is on the menu.

Alexa confirms the order and asks if the customer is ready to check out or add more items to the cart. Customer can check out by saying check out or pay for my items.  Alexa will communicate payment and pickup times.  

What should I do if my customers are unable to place orders?

First make sure their Alexa device is connected to the internet and that the Revel online ordering menu is operational. For Revel Support, please visit

Technical Support

Technical Support

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