This year, RedShift made the exciting decision to be a sponsor of Revel System’s annual two day conference, Revelry! While we’ve been faithful partner attendees, this year we really went all out as one of ten Revel partners who were set up in the Exhibit Hall full time.

Here, on the afternoon of the second day of Revelry!, we can confidently say our sponsorship was a great call.

Early yesterday morning, our press release formally announcing the integration of our conversational voice ordering technology with Revel Systems established point-of-sale system hit the wire to much fanfare (primarily from our location in the Exhibit Hall and in the Revel marketing offices, but much fanfare nonetheless). At that point, our table was set with a video demo and two live Amazon Echo devices, ready to show off our voice ordering capability to all the Revel Systems partners and end users that were about to stream into the Hall.

Show it off we did. By the time Carla Hall was ready to start her keynote speech, we’d demonstrated the full process to several end users and many partners who provide services to end users – most of whom said some variation of ‘where has this been all my life??’. (In the RedShift offices in Boulder, getting better and better, that’s where.)

The Ziggi’s coffee Alexa skill sent orders from our table for Bhakti Chai, for macchiatos of all sizes and flavors, and for enough cups of Daily Brew (“what roast would you like?” was Alexa’s favorite question of the day) to actually fuel the sales teams that kept coming by. Unfortunately, the Revel integration screen that repeatedly and successfully demo’d how quickly the order passes from RedShift to the in-shop POS wasn’t connected to a real barista – a success of engineering but without the caffeine kick at the end that a live customer would get to enjoy.

Our morning peaked when the Revel CEO and CSO came by to try the RedShift tech for themselves. Why repeat what they thought when we can let their quote in today’s San Francisco Business Journal speak for itself? (Spoiler: they like us!)

Our RedShift team rotated between Revel’s great sessions and manning our table until the all-conference happy hour Revel hosted at their South Beach offices. Happy hour takeaway? Nothing builds trust in a partner relationship like building a tower of champagne glasses together in a tile floored room.

Now that you’re all caught up – what’s happening today? While small restaurants are pitching business plans and competing for a cash prize, our team is on the ground deepening the relationships we made yesterday and working to build new ones with anyone we missed.

(If we met you, today or yesterday, and you’re here checking us out – hi! It was great to get to know you!)

Revelry! ends every year with a shindig to mark the hard work we’ve all done and the successes we’ll achieve together in the upcoming year. Our RedShift team is looking forward to dancing, eating, and celebrating with our established and new partners and friends. Even without it being over, we can confidently say that Revelry! ‘18 has been extraordinary for our business – and if you’re here, we hope the same is true for you!