When limiting face to face communication is a social responsibility, technology that allows for interaction without contact becomes a cornerstone of daily routines. RSVT has been providing natural speech ordering for restaurants for a few years now – enabling hands-free ordering with customer ease in mind.

Last week, as restaurants closed their dining rooms in order to help reduce the spread of coronavirus, Colorado coffee company Ziggi’s reached out to RSVT to rapidly roll out voice ordering to all of their 18 drive-thru stores.

RSVT’s customers are familiar with the benefits of offering their patrons voice ordering using natural speech processing. When a customer can order a pizza from her phone with the same casually spoken words she’d use when standing at a pizzeria counter, she’s able to juggle her dinner and her day simultaneously. A customer ordering a latte with his voice from his car on the way to work is able to do so without looking away from the road, keeping his kids safe in the backseat while meeting his morning need for caffeine.

Those customers are no longer the only ones taking advantage of voice ordering technology.

New customers may be minimizing contact with their phones while outside their house in order to help keep them disinfected. They may have family members with them while running errands that keep their hands full. They might be ordering while driving or gardening or helping with a coloring book. They’re definitely ordering from restaurants that are, like businesses all over the nation, working at capacity and happy for anything that will make the customer’s needs easier to meet.

RSVT has made speech ordering possible for Ziggi’s from home and on the road: the iOS app is perfect while running errands and the Alexa Skill is there while packing a backpack or finishing a grocery list.

Coffee lovers are getting Ziggi’s lattes and signature drinks like Colorado Coconut Mochas without needing to put themselves and their loved ones in danger, and Ziggi’s is keeping their customer base caffeinated while maintaining a revenue stream. RSVT is there at every step – for all of their clients – helping navigate new business models and realities.