Increase eCommerce
Orders with Voice

Empower customers with the speed and
ease of natural language voice ordering

Improve Online Ordering by Focusing on
Simplicity and Customer Engagement

Mobile e-commerce sales are becoming a part of the fabric of society, driving hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue. Revenue is only expected to increase for companies as the broad, secular shift from offline to online ordering continues. RSVT’s natural language voice ordering interface increases digital ordering effectiveness by streamlining the ordering experience allowing some transactions to be completed in less than one minute.

Reduce abandoned carts and increase profits – Transaction abandonment is a top problem for e-commerce providers, as leading players believe that over half of all potential orders are never completed.  In a recent study, a top-rated consumer marketing research provider examined the top reasons for mobile transaction abandonment.

Difficulty in navigating and difficulty in typing were cited by almost one-third of consumers as the core cause for orders started, by never completed, through a mobile application. Red Shift’s solution improves online ordering, focusing on simplicity, user experience and customer engagement.

By using the Company’s natural language ordering interface, consumers can complete mobile transactions in less than a minute using primarily their voice.


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See how we’ve helped Ziggi’s Coffee with hands-free ordering technology that allows customers the freedom to order ahead faster, without having to navigate the menu.

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