Order Ahead Without
Navigating The Menu

Serve more customers without
expanding your dining capacity

Increase Restaurant Sales with the
Most Efficient Mode of Ordering

Intelligent conversational interfaces are ideal for quick-service (QSR), fast-casual and drive-thru restaurants. QSR are looking for ways to expand their business without the need to expand the dinning capacity, Drive-Thru restaurants are looking for ways to serve more customers during peak times, while other restaurants are seeking other digital ordering channels such as Alexa.

One way to solve these problems is by using Red Shift’s voice and natural language platform to provide multi-channel order-ahead interfaces. Voice can be the fastest, most efficient mode of searching and ordering. It’s highly efficient when users can quickly speak their order in a single sentence.

For example, it’s much easier to say “I would like a large, hot, Caramel Macchiato, with 2% milk, with light whip cream,” than navigate multiple screens to complete an order.

Increase order efficiency and sales –  Many apps do not have sophisticated search capabilities and often use structured menus to manage complex searches. This causes the user to spend more time and effort to complete an order resulting in a poor user experience.

With conversational ordering, customer can order faster and order without having to navigate the menu. The voice UI experience is more convenient and desirable than using the traditional search process.


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See how we’ve helped Ziggi’s Coffee with hands-free ordering technology that allows customers the freedom to order ahead faster, without having to navigate the menu.

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