RedShift Company unveils its voice recognition mobile app service at the 2014 International Pizza Expo March 24-27 in Las Vegas.  Customers can now naturally speak their food order using RedShift’s voice-enabled mobile app.  Orders are accurately captured and sent to the restaurant for either delivery or pickup.

Orders are completed without the need for placing a phone call to the restaurant.  RedShift’s voice-enabled mobile app service works with any smartphone.

RedShift’s vision has been to leverage innovative, cutting-edge voice recognition technology to simplify the process of placing online food orders from any mobile device.  Food orders can be spoken in any sequence and can be completed in a single step.  No need to type or interact on a small screen.

RedShift completes a mobile app transaction by uniquely featuring a very accurate, easy and safe to use, ‘hands-free eyes-free’ speech recognition technology, which significantly reduces the time it takes to place an order and increases order accuracy.

“Our goal has been to simplify the online ordering process by making mobile apps easier, safer and more efficient to use,” says Wally Griffin, RedShift CEO.  “The smartphone industry is exploding and more and more people are ordering food from their mobile devices.  Voice-enabling mobile apps will help restaurants connect to their target audience and it works with everyone’s voice.”

During the International Pizza Expo, RedShift will demonstrate its new voice-enabled mobile pizza app at booth 234 located in the Las Vegas Convention Center.